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Harmony through Harmony

The Inner Child at Work

With the extensive traveling that comes with being a World Peace Ambassador for Destination Peace, whatever limited discretionary time remaining at home has been devoted to assorting and cataloguing decades of memorabilia...

Traveling to Oz and Back

This weekend, I didn’t have to wonder what it would be like to go from Kansas to Oz in real life! As we were descending for arrival on a Southwest airline to San Diego Airport the flight attendant announced...

There’s No Such Thing as a Barbarian

Today we're going to talk about the word "barbarian." What is a barbarian? A barbarian comes from the Greek word "barbara" or "barbaros," and basically it means somebody who doesn't belong!

Destination Rotarian

Yesterday, Destination Peace was in Washington, DC, at the Washington Club, attending a Rotary meeting...

Another Look at Belfast

Destination Peace was fortunate to capture an up-close video of the descriptive historical paintings on the Belfast wall.

Bridging History with Peace

Destination Peace just returned from an extensive trip through the British Isles, including Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and England...


Entering the foreboding gate that once guarded the entrance to the infamous wall that separated the Protestants from the Catholics was eerie, gut wrenching, and haunting...

Seeing Scotland and Its History

During our extensive visit to Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 the developing theme of Destination Peace’s encounters have been inclusive of ancient castles, the subtle sophistication of weaponry and executions, the mythological fascination of a sea behemoth, the expansive, endless skyline, priceless treasures, Crown Jewels, and crowning achievements...

Blogging from Britain: Parliamentary Proceedings

Adventures in London, including Westminster Palace and House of Lords.

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