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Harmony through Harmony

Healing Ourselves and the World

Destination Peace is determined to continue to implement a coordinated global response...

Belize it Or Not: Guatemala and its “Volcanic” Borders

Destination Peace visits Guatemala!

No Cost of War in Costa Rica

Destination Peace's tour of Latin America continues in Costa Rica

One Peace at a Time: Cartagena, Columbia

Destination Peace's travels to Cartagena, Colombia

Global Summits and Bipartisan Peace

Barely two weeks after presenting on a panel on conflict resolution held at the Changemakers Global Summit at the University of California San Diego, Destination Peace returned to the United Kingdom to participate in two more global summits! I experienced... Continue Reading →

The Inner Child at Work

With the extensive traveling that comes with being a World Peace Ambassador for Destination Peace, whatever limited discretionary time remaining at home has been devoted to assorting and cataloguing decades of memorabilia...

Traveling to Oz and Back

This weekend, I didn’t have to wonder what it would be like to go from Kansas to Oz in real life! As we were descending for arrival on a Southwest airline to San Diego Airport the flight attendant announced...

There’s No Such Thing as a Barbarian

Today we're going to talk about the word "barbarian." What is a barbarian? A barbarian comes from the Greek word "barbara" or "barbaros," and basically it means somebody who doesn't belong!

Destination Rotarian

Yesterday, Destination Peace was in Washington, DC, at the Washington Club, attending a Rotary meeting...

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