I awakened before sunrise, sat outside our door around 5 AM, and took this picture overlooking our balcony of the Ganges River.


Sekhar has been a photographic guru for me. Daily, I am learning valuable lessons on shadows, angles, perspective, and patience. The mere thought of capturing timeless moments at the dawn of the birthplace of one of the oldest cities in the world is priceless.

Unbelievably, this is also Suresh’s first trip to Varanasi. It is a sacred pilgrimage quite often postponed by the Hindu faithful until much later in one’s life.

Suresh had a strong desire to locate a very important Swami‘s residence. He was last seen on the bottom floor of his Ashram, having “disappeared.” We located it around 7:00 AM, after having immersed our eyes in the slow-motion sunrise over the Ganges. Suresh was deeply and profoundly moved. We walked the narrow corridor/stairwell to get to the basement of the Swami’s Ashram and discovered the following picture:

Trailanga Swami

More of Sekhar’s beautiful photography can be found below:

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