To paraphrase a famous song by the Dubliners: “I wish I was back again in Liverpool, Liverpool town where me grandpa was born.” 

Over a hundred years ago there was a birth in Liverpool that made it possible for me to be reunited with this historic town and all of the wonderful Liverpolitans. My maternal grandfather Thomas Ronald Herman was born in the birthplace of the greatest rock and roll band of all time.

My connection and bond to Liverpool is unbreakable and forever. I am the first in my family to return to our roots and after beholding the sights, sounds and people I plan on returning soon with my family. To think: my grandpa’s school was converted into one of the best loved theatres in Liverpool that won a Best Performing Venue award!

When I grew up in America my brothers and I modeled ourselves after the Fab Four. There was John, Paul, George, and Ringo- and in my home there was Eli, Manny, Ricky, and Josh! We sang in four-part harmony with ukulele, piano. and guitar. We sang songs like PS I Love You, All You Need Is Love, and  the song that connects Destination Peace with regard to the welfare of all mankind… Give Peace A Chance.

Destination Peace has embarked on a world tour to sing inspirational songs and demonstrate a universal musical language. Once and for all, everyone can “give peace a chance!”

Universal cultural harmony and co-existence is being championed through a universally-shared vocal harmony.

On Thursday night I participated in the gala evening entitled “Raising the Roof” held at the St George’s Hall. (As a matter of historical record, St George’s Hall offered the world’s very first air conditioning system!)

The audience was riveted listening to the Bernie Whelan choir, the ‘King of Swing’ Asa Murphy, and the Pagoda Chinese Youth Orchestra. Please follow the links to the consummate artists to listen to their superb musical talent and learn about their inspiring stories!

The event also launched a single, Talk to Me, to aid the Williams Syndrome Foundation in the UK. Williams Syndrome, a rare and randomly-occurring genetic disorder which affects around one in 18,000 people in the UK and causes physical, cardiac and mental health problems, sensory, behavioural, social and processing issues and learning disabilities.

A highlight for me was meeting Harri and his parents. 

Following a video presentation for Destination Peace I sang two  songs and concluded with a demonstration of the Destination Peace Universal Song with full audience participation. It was exhilarating hearing one unified voice coming from the diverse audience!

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It turned out to be true that in Liverpool the people on the street actually stop and say hello… and no one in the town really ever wears a mac in the pouring rain!

I also want to point out that Liverpool is also a tale of two polar opposite cities. One that’s overflowing with the fun, light, loving, happy-go-lucky lyrics of the Mersey generation. The other a dark, ghastly, horrific past that took place in the basement catacombs, where the man-made hell of slave trafficking took place.

My next blog… in the immortal words of Ed Sullivan: “The Beatles!”