Anyone who is a part of my life knows that I have lived by a phrase that I coined 47 years ago:

“A coincidence is God’s intervention without the publicity.”

A prime example is our recent grandson’s birth on 8/18/18, weighing 8lbs, 1oz at 18 minutes to 1:00.

Another striking example happened this summer when I was part of a moving ceremony. The reverence emanating from the utterances of the ancient liturgy through the lips from the soul of the Medicine Priest is a transformative otherworldly experience.

In order to fully respect the privacy of the ritual I will only disclose this: the name mystically bestowed upon me personifies my ancestral faith, my current mission, and captures the core and life-force of what a heavenly directed coincidence signifies.

The remarkable “coincidence” is the tenaciousness of the connection that has been established between us and the animal kingdom.

Our yard and roof have been infiltrated by black vultures and turkey vultures.


On our deck
On the stoop of our house

The first appearance of two vultures in our backyard was the evening of June 3rd. They appeared after the concert “Peter, Paul, and Manny” which marked my transition from a full-time clergy career of almost half a century to full-time CEO of Destination Peace.

Vultures are loyal, patient, unconventional, resourceful symbols of renewal and cleanliness. Through the consumption of the carcasses of diseased animals, vultures prevent the spread of life-threatening diseases, such as rabies and anthrax, among animals and humans.

What a Divine symbol to officially inaugurate the mission of Destination Peace!