My name is Manny Perlman. I am the founder of Destination Peace International.

If you google the word “peace,” you will find hundreds of organizations representing religions, political groups, women, physicians, countries, young and old. Peace begins with a shared moment that allows coexistence to be uninterrupted by discord or irreconcilable disagreements.

Destination Peace begins the conversation, not with the limitations of language and words, but in song- singing in harmony and becoming harmonious.

It’s not about our security – we’re always talking about security – it’s more about mutual respect for one another. We need to end baseless hatred. Relationships have become fake. Empty salutations. Excuses are as common as these salutations. We cannot only be for ourselves– the world is in denial.

We are Rip Van Winkles instead of Gandhis and Mother Teresas. We need the middle ground; we need to stand on the middle ground. Don’t blame others, don’t blame your religion, don’t blame your God.

Without a communal song we are dancing to our own drummer. A drum, unfortunately, that could lead to destruction. We need a drum of synchronized heartbeats. We can’t keep going left and right in life, or even in our politics. We have to walk straight ahead, but we have to hold each other’s hands. We must strengthen our commitment to values and the real needs of our communities. We must not fail our tests to be human beings.

Sasha eha tozi haw’oo.

Those eight syllables mean nothing, and yet mean everything.

Thank you for listening.