I’m Manny Perlman. There’s so much that we don’t know. The more we learn, the less we know.

How many human beings are aware that mammals breathe a billion times and then they die? One billion breaths and they die. The difference with human beings is that by the year 75 in our lifespan, we will have breathed 1 billion and a half times. And we may continue to live, but isn’t it the quality of our life, not the quantity?

How many times we’ve suffered losses of children? Untimely losses, massacres! We can’t foresee the future, but we do have each day – every day – to make a difference in the world. Every day I refuse to waste any more breath and let those billion breaths be counted in the waste column. It’s time to reach out to the world and bring peace so that when we breathe, we don’t waste the breath, but we breathe in inspiration to make us know that we can and must make a difference in the world!

That is my message for today. And I don’t know how many breaths I will breathe today but I refuse to waste my life. That’s why we started Destination Peace. And with breath I take from now on, it will bring greater meaning to the world. I’m tired of exhaling; it’s time to inspire! Thank you for listening.