Nelson Mandela was incarcerated for 27 years of his life. He never lost hope. He never lost sight of his vision. He said the following: “It is what we make out of what we have been given, not what we are given, that separates one person from another.” We have all been given an opportunity through the gift of life.

Last time, I spoke about breathing: that we should not even waste one breath of our life. Destination Peace is now going to prove that action speaks louder than words, and we’re going to have a Concert for Peace. We will have the world participating. Places like Iceland, Brazil, Argentina, France, Albania, Canada, India, to name a few.

It is time.

It is time that we aspire for greatness and stop all of the talk of hatred. There is no place in America for hatred. There is no place for hatred anywhere in the world! We know that love conquers all. We are doing it through peace.

I implore you to join with us. We are reaching the end of the year and if you would kindly consider Destination Peace when you make your contributions, is where we’re located. And then, very soon we’ll be located – hopefully in your neighborhoods -where you can live not only in safety, but every single individual and citizen in this country can live in peace.

It’s time that we open the gates for peace. Thank you for listening.