Hi, I’m Manny Perlman. This week we have all been captivated by the funeral of President George Herbert Walker Bush. The music has been spectacular, but it’s the speeches, the eulogies, about an individual. Watching a son who’s a president also speak about his father.

To watch the generations from row to row within the funeral service itself, and you see that history is being recorded. It’s being made at that very moment and that’s what we’re trying to do with Destination Peace.

We’re trying to awaken the souls within individuals. George Herbert Walker Bush said “International exchanges are not a great tide to sweep away all differences, but they will slowly wear away at the obstacles to peace as surely as water wears away a hard stone. It may take time, it may be drip by drip, but we’re going piece by piece to find the answers that will bring people together throughout the world.”

George Herbert Walker Bush said “Don’t confuse being soft with seeing the other guy’s point of view.”

Well, Manny Perlman says: “If you want peace in the world, adversaries need to listen: first to what they already know that they will be told “no” to. You know we all want to hear what we want to hear, and we all want to hear it when we want to hear it, and it has to be exactly what we want to hear! That’s why we don’t have peace and we don’t have peace of mind.

There’s a difference between George W Bush and George Herbert Walker Bush. Yes, father and son, but they were different in many ways. But you know what made them similar? Love, and their hope for a better world for all of us. So this week this tribute is for presidents who ennobled our lives and are part of our history too.

Thank you for listening.