Destination Peace recently returned from another trip to Hawaii. There are so many lessons to learn by traveling to Hawaii. The reason being that there are many underlying factors in a land that goes back to prehistoric times – goes back two centuries of development. Things that have occurred from another source; from the water, from volcanic ash. And so we went from island to island but especially when we went to Hilo on the Big Island, we found out that the volcanic eruptions are still present in a very, very powerful way. We put our hand into the street – literally into the fissures, the holes in the street – and could feel the intense heat coming back at us. For several months now, lava had been erupting and pouring from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano. It has been destroying homes and it has been remaking the land.

We stood at Kilauea’s “Fissure 8” and we actually visited with residents: with a mother and father holding a newborn baby, and another child who was kind of hiding in the car because of the fear of all of these people coming around, all these tourists coming from everywhere to find out what was happening, not only in one of the states of the United States, but one of the most beautiful, and now so brought up into a destructive place.

It made me think of politics. It made me think of what we’re doing with Destination Peace that there’s this underlying hatred, this underlying emotion that is coming out in so many ways and Destination Peace wants to work at trying to defuse these situations. For example, we are focusing on politics and politicians constantly when in fact we need to understand what makes people tick. And you can’t blame people! It’s amazing how people come together whenever there’s a tremendous calamity, and people are coming together in Hawaii. People are coming together in areas where a meteor could hit! So what we need to do now is stop focusing on people: we need to focus on what’s the underlying theme.

I want you to know that at Kilauea, the fountains of lava went into the air – hundreds of feet into the air – and if you look at the homes you see they’ve been destroyed. As a matter of fact the trees now look like figurines of molten lava. We went to the beach: the sand is black, and we stood on this lava. The message for today is we need to end destructiveness in our times. This was one of the worst volcanic eruptions since 1950.

It’s time for us to come together and understand that if we have prejudices let’s make them preferences. Let’s turn our biases into choices that can allow others to feel comfortable with the choices they make, and through music – through the power of music – let us start to sing in harmony once again, and stop the eruptions, not allow any more volcanic political eruptions to occur. That is the message for the New Year. A happy and healthy New Year to all of you who are following Destination Peace.