When we are feeling hopeful, full of promising expectations, we feel motivated to get involved, to volunteer for humanitarian pursuits. When we are not hopeful, we tend to bunker into our homes and fill our minds with televised images, chosen carefully and methodically to produce fear and despair.

Adjusting the ticket price for inflation, the Academy Award-winning movie “Gone with the Wind” is still the highest-grossing film. In those days, art reflected life. Now, life is reflecting art.

Today, the media is altering the mindset of our young children. They are absorbing their future political views from the emotionally-evoking musical soundtracks that accompany an integration of political and sociological viewpoints that derive from the movies. New norms are normalized.

In recent times, a talented actress from a popular TV show, playing a role, can now become a real-life princess. Today, an Academy Award-winning actor has the audacity to attempt to capture public sympathy for his life choices, whether guilty or not, by appearing in a YouTube video. He presents his fictional dramatic role as his defense in this real-life drama. How many times have you heard “It is just a different style of speaking” than understanding that it is the quality and the import of the words, and the speaker’s vision for the world that we live in.

When Destination Peace speaks, it does so without words. It speaks with music through the universal lyrics. Choices such as compassion, concern for others, do not have to be polarizing. They do not have to be Gone with the Wind! Better they should be sung while Blowing in the Wind. Thank you for listening.