Don’t ever give up!

If you really think about how many years you have left on this earth, the mere fact that you were born at all is miraculous! You could have been born anywhere on this planet, in squalid conditions or an opulent mansion; in a hospital or in a jungle. You could have been born a Christian, a Jew, or a Muslim: of any faith, color, or creed. You could have been raised in a desert, or at the foot of an ocean.

Soon – very soon – Destination Peace will make it possible for everyone, from every walk of life, to share a unifying, globally healing experience. We will sing together, using a universal language that transcends any and all limitations. For one brief, harmonious moment, we will come to realize that we could easily have been born the actual person who we vilify, mistreat, or deny compassion.

We must never give up trying, no matter how trying it is!

Where there is hope, there is life. Where there is life, there is hope.

Please join us. Please join Destination Peace, where you will find hope, and the peace that we so desperately need in the world.

Thank you for listening.