Destination Peace wants to bring people together, not who feel the sense of confidence, but feel competence: the competence that it takes to bring people together, to hold on to something that’s extremely important to one another, and that destination is peace. How do you create peace in the world?

What is Destination Peace? How are we going to discover that? It’s through a sense of confidence in understanding history and not wanting to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. How often we’ve heard the definition of insanity! It’s insane that we have to pick up the newspaper (for those of you who still read one!), or put on the TV, and there’s no peace.

There’s no peace! It doesn’t matter what part of the world is being featured on the nightly news. It has to start with us; it has to start at our dinner table. It has to start with conversations in the home. How many families are talking about what they believe in anymore? We’re spoon-fed what other people think.

It’s time to understand: terrorism is not a religion! So it’s not about that, it’s just a question of understanding. We have to believe, not only in ourselves. We have to believe in one another. Terrorism knows no religion, knows no color, no boundaries! It’s just pure hatred that people have within themselves and they want their agendas to be accepted.

In closing, the only agenda that we have: we want peace, and our destination will one day cross that finish line with all of you standing together in peace and in a sense of oneness.