Destination Peace, with lecturer, recording artist, civic leader and spiritual leader Emanuel “Manny” Perlman at its helm as a World Peace Diplomat, is a global movement which exists to connect people around the world through a common language, transmitted through music. Destination Peace will travel the world with its message of peace and serve as a transformative change agent, empowering individuals, especially youth, to understand, comfort, and interface with one another without the restrictions of linguistic difference. The creation of musical albums by Manny, in conjunction with other world-renowned artists, will spread the message of world peace, create awareness of the organization’s mission, and provide a partial revenue source.


Destination Peace will challenge minds and change hearts globally, using music as a transformative method to work toward world peace which will inspire change, generate awareness, uplift our spirits, and promote civil discourse. Destination Peace is more than albums: it is a movement, inspired and led by Manny Perlman in collaboration with world leaders in music (from Grammy winners to Juilliard students) and entertainment. Destination Peace ultimately imagines a world without political, religious, racial, or ethnic strife.


Recognition of a Common Humanity

Removing the constraints of difference, music and a shared language can break down barriers.

Music as the Strongest Diplomat for Peace

Music, in its transformative, visceral, spiritual nature, exists as a medium by which introspection, inspiration, and change occurs.

Destination Peace
Destination Peace