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Harmony through Harmony



Compassion is Music Without Lyrics

The first day of the month of July 2018 began with Destination Peace traveling to be with global peacemakers. 


Third Encounter with Amma

February 7th was the second day that we went to see Amma in Chennai. As was the case on February 6th, we got there by about 10 o'clock...

Encountering Amma

Reflections from our dear friend Dr. Suresh Subramani, immediate past Executive Vice Chancellor of the University of California San Diego and an esteemed Molecular Biologist, on our visit with Amma:  Monday, February 6, early in the morning, I received a... Continue Reading →

Far Removed from Super Bowl Sunday

It is Sunday morning and we awakened around 3AM. Our driver picked us up at 4:30AM. We are  enroute to meeting Amma in Salem, India. Our travels are taking us through the many diverse characteristics of Bangalore. From the hustle... Continue Reading →

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