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Dr. Suresh Subramani

Gardens of Peace; Seeds of Hope

A depiction of Manny's serene June visit to San Diego.

Destination Peace visits the United Nations 

Tonight a United Nations-sponsored gathering took place in anticipation of tomorrow's speakers and participants in the annual POWER OF COLLABORATION Global Summit...

Hindu Wedding

The very old Padmanabhaswamy Temple was right down the street from where we were staying, so we asked the driver to drop us off there...

Auspicious Timing for a Visit to Madurai

These are the events of February 8, when we flew from Chennai to Madurai. In the late afternoon we decided to go to see the 3600-year-old Madurai Meenakshi Temple, which is one of India’s holiest shrines.

Third Encounter with Amma

February 7th was the second day that we went to see Amma in Chennai. As was the case on February 6th, we got there by about 10 o'clock...

Encountering Amma

Reflections from our dear friend Dr. Suresh Subramani, immediate past Executive Vice Chancellor of the University of California San Diego and an esteemed Molecular Biologist, on our visit with Amma:  Monday, February 6, early in the morning, I received a... Continue Reading →

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