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Harmony through Harmony



Film, Art, and Life: New Norms

When we are feeling hopeful, full of promising expectations, we feel motivated to get involved...


Taming Volcanic Hatred for Peace

Destination Peace recently returned from another trip to Hawaii...

Reflections on Peace

Watch the first video from the Destination Peace YouTube Channel with a message from founder Manny Perlman.

Time to Rise

Destination Peace once again participated in The University of California San Diego’s (UCSD) Annual Global Empowerment Summit...

Games, Euphoria, and Sobering Realities

When you watch a superhero blockbuster movie headlined with a legendary star, you know that...

United States Institute of Peace

Today, on the 100th birthday of the legendary peace-builder Nelson Mandala, Destination Peace appropriately toured the Nation’s United States Institute of Peace. 

Compassion is Music Without Lyrics

The first day of the month of July 2018 began with Destination Peace traveling to be with global peacemakers. 

Return to the UN

On June 11th Destination Peace once again attended the International Council of Caring Communities Awards Ceremony...

Magnificent Prayer, Magma Eruptions

Four months ago Destination Peace stood at the mouth of the Kilauea Volcano 🌋...

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