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Manny Perlman

Traveling to Oz and Back

This weekend, I didn’t have to wonder what it would be like to go from Kansas to Oz in real life! As we were descending for arrival on a Southwest airline to San Diego Airport the flight attendant announced...

Return to the UN

On June 11th Destination Peace once again attended the International Council of Caring Communities Awards Ceremony...

Destination Peace Pays Homage to JFK

Today, I stood frozen in time at the most notorious windowsill in the world...

A Museum of Biblical Proportions

Destination Peace toured the brand new Museum of the Bible in Washington DC this past weekend...

Addressing Peace, Reflecting on War

With troublesome and difficult headlines appearing in the news today, my wife Janice and I have decided to spend the rest of the day in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania...

Gardens of Peace; Seeds of Hope

A depiction of Manny's serene June visit to San Diego.

Destination Peace is Achievable.

I spoke at Union Baptist Church in Baltimore Sunday and co-hosted Muslim and Jewish high schoolers sponsored by the Sparks of Change Foundation. Destination Peace is achievable. It has been and is always possible when young people seek to initiate it... Continue Reading →

Musical Worlds Collide in Perfect Harmony

On February 23, 2017, ancient legendary musical worlds merged into one. Canartic meets Cantorial; Cantorial meets Canartic...

“Don’t Touch, You’ll Get Burned…”

A seasoned clergyman's reflections about India, Hinduism and religion in general...

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