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Harmony through Harmony



Models for Peace and Profiles in Courage

I'd like to take you back into time to May of 1961...


For Our Youth

We are the only mammals in the animal kingdom that murders ourselves in large numbers...

Football Games and Destination Peace

Two days ago was the Super Bowl. It was viewed around the world...

Film, Art, and Life: New Norms

When we are feeling hopeful, full of promising expectations, we feel motivated to get involved...

Dreaming of Peace

In the 5th century before the Common Era, Greek historian Thucydides taught that...

Extinguishing the Fire

Almost 30 years ago, Billy Joel sang a song with lyrics that are still burning today:

Compassion is Music Without Lyrics

The first day of the month of July 2018 began with Destination Peace traveling to be with global peacemakers. 

A Tale of Two Cities 

On Thursday night I participated in the gala evening entitled "Raising the Roof" held at the St George's Hall...

Nothing “Standard” about this Royal Flag

Last week, Destination Peace visited the oldest and largest continuously-used royal residence in Europe, initially built by William the Conqueror in the late 11th century...

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