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Global Summits and Bipartisan Peace

Barely two weeks after presenting on a panel on conflict resolution held at the Changemakers Global Summit at the University of California San Diego, Destination Peace returned to the United Kingdom to participate in two more global summits! I experienced... Continue Reading →

Happiness, Morality, and Love

What would the world be like without peace and love? We include people like Amma in our weekly announcements, videos, and blogs, because she really does represent Destination Peace's essence.

Becoming Scholars, Friends, and Heroes

Many of us were glued to our television sets this week for the commemoration of D-Day in Portsmouth, England. When you think about it, the Wartime generation was the resilient generation. They are the unsung heroes...

Models for Peace and Profiles in Courage

I'd like to take you back into time to May of 1961...

For Our Youth

We are the only mammals in the animal kingdom that murders ourselves in large numbers...

Film, Art, and Life: New Norms

When we are feeling hopeful, full of promising expectations, we feel motivated to get involved...

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