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One Peace at a Time: Cartagena, Columbia

Destination Peace's travels to Cartagena, Colombia


Entering the foreboding gate that once guarded the entrance to the infamous wall that separated the Protestants from the Catholics was eerie, gut wrenching, and haunting...

Taking the Side of Peace

It takes courage to push yourself to places that you have never been before: to test your limits, to break through barriers...

Feeling Small in Time & Space

This week, I'm feeling very small in the context of what's happening around me and in the world...

Confidence in Our Competence to Bring Peace

Destination Peace wants to bring people together, not who feel the sense of confidence, but feel competence: the competence that it takes to bring people together, to hold on to something that's extremely important to one another, and that destination is peace...

Models for Peace and Profiles in Courage

I'd like to take you back into time to May of 1961...

Planting it Forward

We begin today with a Native American saying that actually comes from the 1700s...

Reflections on Peace

Watch the first video from the Destination Peace YouTube Channel with a message from founder Manny Perlman.

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