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SC Sekhar

More Photographic Masterworks from India

The photographic masterworks of SC Sekhar continued...


A Candid Introduction to the Citizens of India, by SC Sekhar

For those who have never traveled to India, this opening series of photographs by SC Sekhar...

Our Team in India

An overview of the group of incredible people that traveled to India as Team #DestinationPeace...

The Brilliance of the Sun: Sekhar and Photography

Sekhar has been a photographic guru for me. Daily, I am learning valuable lessons on shadows, angles, perspective, and patience...

The Illuminating Fires along the Ganges

Sekhar's Varanasi drivers picked us up and four guides took us by boat on the Ganges River to...

Poetry in Marble: The Taj Mahal

Built entirely of white marble, its stunning architectural beauty is beyond adequate description, particularly at sunset when we were there...

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